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Ok, we none of us like to think about it, but occassionally somebody bangs into your beloved car and even worse sometimes nearly or completely writes it off. This is bad enough, in itself, but what can follow is even worse. 


The Police, quite rightly will turn up to attend the scene of any accident, they will take statements and during this exchange of words will ask you if you would like them to arrange recovery of your vehicle? This is the part where you are invariably holding up traffic with bits of car everyhwere and not really in the mood to try and organise this yourself. So nearly 99% of motorists will say, yes please get someone to take it away. What the Police dont tell you is that if you allow them to make the call to get your vehicle removed, typically CF Recovery will be out within the hour and do a brilliant job of scooping the car or whats left of it off the road. They will then transport the car to their local depot (Dunston, if in the North East). CF Recovery will then charge you around £350 for coming out and collecting your vehicle and around £25 a day for it to be sat in storage, while the insurance companies inspect it and send off for estimes etc. Typically, it may take an insurance company around 20-30 days to release the car to a named garage or a garage of your choice. This means to release your vehicle you not only have to pay the £350 collection fee, but also typically the 30 day storage fee. This can run to over £1000 for the release of your car. You will then either have to pay them or arrange for somebody else to collect th ecar and take it to the agreed repair garage for attention.




Here at BSCS, we can usually be out to your car and pick it up within the same hour. We will charge any recovery and subsequent storage to the insurance company involved and will be able to act as the specialist garage that can do any repair that is deemed necessary. It's highly unlikely that the insurance company will have a list of accredited garages that can work on niche British sports cars. we have dealt with most insurers in the UK and most will accept us as the appointed garage to carry out any repair work to your car.


We also work to protect your interests post accident by working closely with one of the very best Accident management companies in the UK, namely EUROPA. It is very unlikely that any insurance company you are delaing with is going to be able to offer you a like for like rental replacement whilst your car is off the road. There is very few companies out there who can rent out a Lotus Exige, Evora or Elise for 2-3 months whilst your car is repaired. Europa will make sure they provide you as close a fit to your car as can be found and also make sure they recover the rental fees 100% from the insurer concerned. We also have great links with Landsdale and Holdsworth Solicitors, should you need to pursue any personal injury claims as a result of your accident. We make no money referring any of our customers, we just ensure that you are looked after from the very first second you introduce yourself to us. We are a small band in the UK of enthusiasts and we all look out for each other, especially during such a difficult time.


Call BSCS on 01434 673 465 to discuss and we will be able to help guide you as best we can.



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