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IC7 & IC8 Motorsport Dash

IC7/8 - LCD Digital Dash
7 or 8 Inch £599.00

Change the display of the IC7 to match the actual display of any car, make and model

Upload your own graphics into the bootup phase to further personalise the IC7

The IC7 & IC8 are high quality LCD digital dash display units designed for use in just about any vehicle.

With a rugged yet stylish construction, these units have been developed and tested at great lengths on both road cars and our own endurance race cars and have proven to be a faultlessly reliable package.

Key features

  • 7” or 8” High quality, anti-glare LCD Screen

  • Switchable display layouts

  • Custom boot image

  • Fully configurable alarms on each screen

  • Fully compliant with road regulations

  • 5 high level input (main beam , indicators , sidelight, etc.)

  • 7 low level inputs (battery light, brake, abs, etc.)

  • 3 frequency inputs (2 hall type - rpm,speed. 1 VR abs wheel speed sensor ) 

  • 4 analogue resistive inputs , (fuel level, temps and pressures )with non linear mapping 

  • 2 canbus channels (CAN data streams currently supported: Lotus OEM, Specialist Components, Emerald, Hondata KPro4, DTA) others can be mapped as required.

  • 2 USB inputs for wireless app and camera/GPS

  • Door switch input to boot device when door opens 

  • Battery voltage reading

  • 4 x 1 amp low side outputs (external warning lamps/buzzers, etc.) 

  • Laptimer input (direct input for optical trackside beacon)


Many more options are in development and will be available in the near future as a simple software upgrade, these include:

  • GPS Lap timer and data logging

  • Pit to car messaging display

  • Output control via smart app

We can offer bespoke wiring harnesses to suit your car and can also offer analogue sensor packages, including wiring, for any additional sensors you wish to add (oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, etc.)

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